Congressman Ronny Jackson caught on video fighting with police: "You were a full-on f*cking dick!"

Rep. Ronny Jackson (TX), a member of the "law and order" Republican party, gave a demonstration on how to be an upstanding citizen by berating police officers, which was caught on footage that was released today.

"You were a full-on fucking dick!" the hotheaded Jackson shouted at a police officer while attending a rodeo last month. "You better recalculate, motherfucker!" (See video excerpt below, taken from a longer 30-minute video, posted by The Texas Tribune).

According to the Texas Tribune, the MAGA Congressman, who is also a physician, was thrown to the ground by police officers when he refused to step aside to allow EMS to assist a 15-year-old girl who was having seizures. He lunged at and threatened to beat the officers up, prompting others to restrain him, and later described them as "overly aggressive." From the Tribune:

The DPS trooper, identified in a sheriff's report as "Trooper Young," repeatedly told Jackson that multiple people asked him to step aside so EMS could respond to a medical emergency. Jackson, a physician to two presidents, disagreed and continued to confront Young on the sidelines of the event, with bystanders physically restraining Jackson as he lunged toward the trooper, jabbing his finger and yelling profanities. …

Jackson's office has insisted that he had been trying to help somebody who needed medical attention and that EMS had not yet arrived when he was summoned to help. His office did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the videos but has emphasized his desire to help amid a chaotic situation and blamed "overly aggressive and incompetent actions" by local authorities.

DPS released the 31-minute bodycam video — and a shorter dashcam video — Monday in response to an open records request from The Texas Tribune. There is no audio during parts of the videos, something DPS acknowledged in a letter to the Tribune without providing a reason. DPS also blurred out images of the person receiving medical care.

Watch the full dashcam video here.

The report included accounts from multiple officers who responded to the scene late on the night of July 29 at the White Deer Rodeo. Among the claims is that Jackson threatened to beat up the trooper and later in a phone call threatened to go after Terry politically.

His office has emphasized he was "not drinking," though the sheriff's report challenges that assertion.

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