Chef dad cooks gourmet meals for 2-year-old son

I absolutely adore the Instagram account "Cooking for Levi," which features chef dad Jack Zhang and his 2-year-old son Levi. The videos feature Zhang cooking spectacular dishes for Levi, and then capture Levi thoroughly enjoying the amazing meals. WKBW explains that Zhang, who is based in Buffalo, New York, has worked as a chef for over a decade and sought to share his love of food with his son. On their "Cooking for Levi" website, Zhang further explains the origins of the project:

In the spring of 2023, right when my son Levi turned 2 years old, we started a culinary journey together where I share with him my passion for food. With a decade of cooking professionally, I have learned to make a wide variety of dishes from around the world. Preparing all these different foods has helped young Levi develop a healthy palate.

I just love watching this father and son team. Zhang puts so much energy, time, and love into every dish he makes, and Levi really seems to appreciate all of the effort—he enthusiastically says "thank you," eats pretty much everything on the plate with gusto, and asks numerous questions to better understand what he's eating. It's all really heartwarming. Levi has an incredible palate, and the videos always make me hungry! 

To get a sense of the kinds of foods featured on "Cooking for Levi," here are some delicious dishes Levi has eaten: coconut chicken adobo with turmeric rice; mirror glazed blueberry mousse cake with crushed pistachios; watermelon gazpacho with snow crab legs; and black rice, shrimp and avocado filled Belgian endive boats. YUM!

Zhang and his wife Emmy are currently working on a cookbook that will feature Levi's favorite meals. To learn more about this awesome family, check out their Instagram.