AI-written tourism article tells visitors to Ottawa to visit its food bank

Microsoft's MSN network published an AI-written listicle of things to do in Ottawa, such as visit the food bank: "Here's what you shouldn't miss!"

Paris Marx on Twitter: 'Microsoft is really hitting it out of the park with its AI-generated travel stories! If you visit Ottawa, it highly recommends the Ottawa Food Bank and provides a great tip for tourists: "Consider going into it on an empty stomach."'

He's not exaggerating for comic effect with that last line, either:

Two scenarios to choose from:

1. As soon as the AI is running, human labor ends. The output replaces author, editor, and publisher. No human ever has to see it: it's generated by a machine, it's published automatically, and even the traffic to it is largely bots. That humans are even permitted to read it follows a weighing of pros and cons: show humans the article, and they might collapse the context as happened here, but hide it and advertisers might realize they're being had.

2. A human editor looked at a travel guide featuring Ottawa's food bank and thought, yes, publish that.

In any case, you can support the Ottawa Food Bank in better ways.