Suns out, buns out! Sunflower farm erects signage banning nude photography

Stoke Fruit Farm, located on an island off the coast of England, has posted signs disallowing nude photography with their sunflowers. Evidently this is to protect the children. The United Kingdom needs a Disney theme park to sue or something.


The owners of Stoke Fruit Farm on Hayling Island, off England's south coast, issued the unusual request on social media, having noticed a growing number of visitors stripping naked to pose for pictures among the blooms.

In a post on Facebook earlier this month, the farm wrote: "Reminder to all we are a family area and please keep your clothes on in the sunflowers! We are having a increase of reports of naked photography taking place and this must not happen during our public sessions please!"

Sam Wilson and sister Nette Petley run the farm that their grandfather set up. It comprises 350 acres, producing wheat, peas, potatoes, pumpkins, squash, sweetcorn, hay – and sunflowers.

Wilson told CNN Friday that there had been about six incidents of people stripping off among the sunflowers since the field opened to visitors at the end of last month.

Six whole incidents. Please visit the beach in Los Angeles.