Chicago youth asking gangs to cease fire between 9am to 9pm daily

A group of Chicago youths are asking gangs in the midst of a war in Chicago's Rogers Park to kindly stop shooting at each other during the hours of 9am to 9pm every day. The goal is to prevent children, the elderly, and other innocent people who are out and about during those hours from getting killed by stray gunfire. The idea comes from Native Sons, a youth group formed after a 5-year-old was killed in the crossfire last summer.

From CBS News:

"It's like a treaty almost, like where they also agree that we don't want 5-year-olds being killed; we don't want 78-year-olds being shot," [Native Sons co-founder Tatiana] Atkins said. "We've talked to rival gang members, and they seem to gravitate towards what we're trying to do."

It's one small step, they say, to create big change.

"I've noticed that it's a lot that are just like, 'Why not just don't shoot, period?' It's like, we've tried that," Atkins said. "'Why not just listen to the gun laws?' We've tried that."

"It's not like we can tell them to stop all in all," said [Native Sons member Jamal] Washington. "It's baby steps."