Shampoo king wants to become a war lord with a "quite sizable compound"

Charles Haywood made a fortune selling his shampoo business, founded a network of men-only lodges, and dreams of a "post-Liberal" in which he is a far-right warlord. Tax and corporate filings show that his Society for American Civic Renewal (SACR) has ties with other far right groups and a plan for America. James Wilson waded in for The Guardian and read about Heywood's vague plans to start a war with the Federal government from a "quite sizable compound."

One idea he has repeatedly raised on the website is that he might serve as a "warlord" at the head of an "armed patronage network" or "APN", defined as an "organizing device in conditions where central authority has broken down" in which the warlord's responsibility is "the short- and long-term protection, military and otherwise, of those who recognize his authority and act, in part, at his behest".

The "possibilities involving violence" that APNs might face, Haywood writes include "more-or-less open warfare with the federal government, or some subset or remnant of it".

Further on, Haywood writes: "At this moment I preside over what amounts to a extended, quite sizeable, compound, which when complete I like to say, accurately, will be impervious to anything but direct organized military attack", adding that "it requires a group of men to make it work … what I call 'shooters' – say fifteen able-bodied, and adequately trained, men."

These "shooters", Haywood explains, "can operate my compound, both defensively and administratively", meanwhile, "I have the personality, and skills, to lead such a group."

A "civilizational renaissance", "committed to family and culture" thanks to a "warlord." One of the tells with these guys is that they never think their fantasies through in the context of their own politics. It's a perpetuum mobile where the worldbuilding flows exclusively from the fantasy and flows back to power it. Their brains are basically a shredded heap of Gor novels and Dark Enlightenment memes, topped with Amazon Basics prepper nutrient mix.