Naomi Klein unmasks Naomi Wolf's wild conspiracy theories in new book

The Shock Doctrine author Naomi Klein is often confused for The Beauty Myth author Naomi Wolf. "We both write big-idea books (my No Logo, her Beauty Myth; my Shock Doctrine, her End of America; my This Changes Everything, her Vagina)," says Klein in an essay for The Guardian. "We both have brown hair that sometimes goes blond from over-highlighting (hers is longer and more voluminous than mine). We're both Jewish."

This regular mix-up in the media used to amuse Klein, until Wolf began propagating outlandish conspiracy theories akin to QAnon:

By early 2021, when she was casting nearly every public health measure marshalled to control the Covid pandemic as a covert plan by the Chinese Communist party, the World Economic Forum and Anthony Fauci to usher in a sinister new world order, I began to feel as if I was reading a parody of The Shock Doctrine, one with all facts and evidence carefully removed, and coming to cartoonishly broad conclusions I would never support. And all the while, my doppelganger troubles deepened, in part because I was relatively quiet in this period, isolated in my Canadian home and unable to perform so many of the activities that once reinforced my own public identity.

Klein has an upcoming book about Wolf, called, Doppelganger: A Trip into the Mirror World, which explores how Wolf appears to have become a proponent of a range of Covid and vaccine conspiracy theories, including the idea of a "plandemic" and theories about vaccine side effects, social control, and censorship.

Some of Wolf's beliefs, according to Klein's down-the-rabbit-hole research:

  • Covid-19 vaccines essentially "gum up" people's brains and alter their energy fields, making vaccinated people feel and smell less human. ("People [who are vaccinated] have no scent any more. You can't smell them. I'm not saying like, they don't smell bad or they don't smell – like I'm not talking about deodorant. I'm saying they don't smell like there's a human being in the room, and they don't feel like there's a human being in the room.")
  • Vaccine passports/verification apps represent a plot to institute a social credit system similar to China's and enslave billions of people.
  • Lockdowns and public health measures during the pandemic were part of a covert plan by global elites to usher in a "Great Reset" and radically re-engineer society.
  • Mainstream media platforms like Twitter and YouTube were censoring honest debates about the pandemic and health policies as part of a broader conspiracy.
  • Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci, and global organizations like the WEF were orchestrating sinister schemes behind the scenes related to the pandemic and vaccines.