Inside a backyard bootleg video rental shop

Ah, I yearn for the days of bootleg VHS tapes. I have fond memories of watching a precious bootleg of E.T. the Extraterrestrial while it was still in the theaters. Not only was the image shaky because it was recorded with a handheld camcorder from the audience, it was probably a fifth generation dub resulting in the dark scenes being almost pure static. But, of course, I watched it anyway. Multiple times. And, now that the statute of limitations have passed, I will also admit that we occasionally rented a second VHS player from U-Haul (yes, they rented the players) along with a slew of tapes from the local video rental store that we'd copy for future viewings. Unfortunately though, we didn't have a backyard bootleg VHS rental store like the one this Redwood City, California gentleman was operating inside a storage shed in 1989.

(via bay_area_nostalgia/Instagram)