Anti-LGTBQ legislation chases a much-needed physician and his family out of Louisiana

When Jake Kleinmahon decided to move back to Louisiana to start his pediatric cardiology practice, he saw an opportunity to help people. As one of the few people qualified to do pediatric heart transplants in the state, his talents are invaluable. He and his family began to build a life, but the State of Louisiana has passed many Anti-LBGTQ+ laws in the last few years, and they can not stay.


In Louisiana, Kleinmahon said he lobbied against the laws, calling state lawmakers and writing letters to the state's senate education committee. But he reached a breaking point when Republican state lawmakers walked out of a senate education committee meeting as opponents of what critics call a "Don't Say Gay" bill were discussing why it was harmful.

"It really showed that they just don't care," Kleinmahon told CNN. "They are not going to support our children; they are not going to support our family. And although we love New Orleans and we love Louisiana with all of our hearts, we can't raise our children in this environment."

Kleinmahon said he was also receiving hate mail at his job from people condemning him for being gay and saying he needed to "find Jesus."

This is happening in Texas, Florida, Louisiana, and every state passing laws that try to subjugate folks for not embracing the Christian Fascist model.

I wish the Kleinmahon family happiness wherever they go.