This Hummer is so giant it doubles as a 2-story apartment

It's hard to believe things like this giant Hummer—the H1 X3, meaning it's three times larger than a regular Hummer H1—actually exist, and that people (can actually afford to) buy them. But this one does exist—it was specially commissioned by Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan, also known as the 'Rainbow Sheikh of Dubai', who is has an extensive collection of all kinds of wild vehicles. The Indian Express explains:

The Sheikh's Hummer H1 X3, as it is called, measures about 46 feet long, 21.6 feet tall and 19 feet wide. The car is fully driveable thanks to diesel engines on each wheel, which also means it has four-wheel-drive.

It was specially commissioned by the sheikh, who is a member of the Emirati royal family with a personal net worth of over US$20 billion.

The car also doubles as a 2-story apartment complete with living room, bathroom, and more. In addition to the massive Hummer, Sheikh Hamad has thousands of other cars and has also created car museums. Again, The Indian Express:

Sheikh Hamad has reportedly around 3,000 vehicles in his personal collection. He got his nickname – the Rainbow Sheikh – because he once commissioned an entire fleet of Mercedes S-class in every colour of the rainbow.

The sheikh also has various car museums, one of which is in Sharjah and is dedicated to off-road vehicles. It houses the giant Hummer H1, the world's largest running Jeep, the world's biggest SUV and many more.

In this recent video by Supercar Blondie, the hosts take viewers on a tour of some of Sheikh Hamad's vehicles, including the giant Hummer—that Hummer tour starts right around the 4-minute mark. After viewing, I'm just left with one giant question: WHY?