Kivu, a silverback gorilla, tests positive for Covid at the Little Rock Zoo

It's bad enough that humans don't seem to care about infecting other humans with Covid, but must we also subject other species to our plague? Sadly, Kivu, a silverback gorilla who lives at the Little Rock Zoo in Arkansas has tested positive for Covid.

THV 11 explains:

He was showing signs of lethargy, coughing, and eating only his preferred foods. According to the post, the veterinarian gave him additional fluids and did a swab test.

Poor guy. 

THV 11 also states that Kivu is vaccinated, and while they don't know exactly how Kivu contracted Covid, "zoo officials pointed out that coronavirus is a zoonotic disease that can be contracted between humans and animals."

I am pretty sure how he caught it. Let's be better humans, please.