All we know about Kim Jong Un's fortified choo-choo train

North Korea leader Kim Jong Un isn't big on flying, preferring to ride his signature train across the country, just like his father and also North Korea founder Kim Il Sung. Today, the green and yellow locomotive was seen rolling through Russia, likely bringing the leader to meet with Vladimir Putin about an arms deal. The interior of the train cars mostly remain a mystery save for scenes in the below video, released in 2010. Here's what we do know about the inside of the Best Korean Senior Leader's choo-choo, according to NPR:

In 2009, the Chosun media outlet in South Korea published details on the train used by Kim's father, Kim Jong Il, and estimated that its engine pulled around 90 cars behind it. More recent estimates of Kim Jong Un's train suggest that number may have dropped to 21. Some reports also suggest that two other trains travel with Kim's main train: one to check the tracks ahead, and another to carry his security entourage.

The train contains bedrooms and conference rooms used for official state business[…]

Weighed down by bulletproof siding, the train moves at a glacial pace compared to most modern trains. It's estimated that it only moves at a speed of around 28 miles per hour on tracks in North Korea, and can increase its speed when it operates on China's rail network.

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