Person with metal detector finds stash of 1,500-year-old gold jewelry

Erlend Bore, 51, was using his new metal detector to scan the grounds of the private Norwegian island of Rennesøy when he made a startling discovery. The beeping device revealed a real buried treasure—a 3.5 ounce pile of gold jewelry later dated to around 500 AD.

"I was suddenly sitting with a gold treasure in my hands," Bore told the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK). "There were lots of little gold pearls. Here it was important to get everything and not lose anything."

From LiveScience:

According to Ole Madsen, director of the University of Stavanger's Museum of Archaeology, "this is the gold find of the century in Norway."

During his expedition, which was approved by the private landowner, Bore didn't expect to find much[…]

Norway's Cultural Heritage Act states that anyone who discovers treasure will receive a finder's fee, which must be split evenly between the landowner and the finder.