Honda's odd-looking Motocompo scooter returns as an electric model

Honda's boxy Motocompo scooter from the 1980s is making a comeback in an electric incarnation, called the Motocompacto. Measuring just 3.7" W × 21.1" H × 29.2" L when folded, it boasts a 12-mile range and a maximum speed of 15 MPH. It weighs 41 lbs.

Recharging from a standard 110V outlet takes 3.5 hours.

It will be available in November at Honda and Acura dealers for $995.

Automotive YouTuber Kirk Kreifels posted a video with first thoughts on the announcement. Here are key points about the Honda Motocompacto that Kreifels discusses in the video:

  • It has a 490 watt motor that provides 12 lb-ft of torque, which Kreifels thinks means it will get "smoked" by most e-bikes that have 1000+ watt motors. But the lower power helps contribute to the light weight.
  • Hub motor located in the front wheel, with throttle control on the right handlebar. Single rear brake pedal. No turn signals or suspension.
  • Simple digital display shows speed, battery level, and "1 or 2" which Kreifels guesses relates to gearing. A bell provides audible warning for pedestrians.
  • The inside has room to store the charging cable and space for extra batteries to extend the range if Honda offers that option.
  • Folding mechanism uses a lever to collapse the front wheel and handlebars backwards into the rear body, with photos showing it fitting in a Civic.
  • He expects high demand from college students and city dwellers looking for portable, inexpensive personal transportation.
  • Accessories will include Honda-branded helmets, bags, and apparel.