Plans for a possible expansion of Disneyland are revealed in Anaheim city filing

DisneylandForward is the name of Disney's proposed expansion of Disneyland. Disney has submitted plans for the approval of the city of Anaheim, California to use land to the west of Disney California Adventure, across Disneyland Drive, currently being used for Disney hotels and parking, for new rides and attractions. It's unclear if it would be third separate gate requiring another entrance fee, or if it would be an expansion of the California Adventure park.

Of course, Disney's application for zoning and other approvals doesn't mean it's necessarily committing to this expansion. But the plans offer an interesting insight into what they are currently considering.

This twxxt shows concept art, which has been available for months, for the new area. Disneyland Drive is shown in the middle, cutting from left to right (south to north). The lit area is the potential new area west of Disneyland Drive, and the unlit area east of Disneyland Drive (below it in the illustration) is California Adventure.

What was revealed in the newly released Environmental Impact Report this week is an illustration showing more detail of what could be in the area.

How would guests get across Disneyland Drive, from California Adventure to the new area? The report offers some intriguing possibilities.

There are also possible plans shown to turn the Toy Story Parking Area, south and east of California Adventure, into a hotel, retail, dining, and entertainment area.

It's possible that with Florida turning out to be a hostile political environment, Disney is interested in making investments in its California parks.