Texas school principal arrested after beating girl with bat so badly she had bruises for days—all with her mother's permission

Texans call it a paddlin' but the law calls it an assaultin'. Jeffery Darryl Hogg, 59, the principal of Overton High School, was arrested and charged after beating a student hard enough to leave "lasting bruises" for days—all with the permission of the girl's mother.

The affidavit said the girl took pictures of the bruising as it developed throughout the day. She then had them examined by a nurse, who stated that the bruises were substantial and swollen. A Forensic Assessment Center Network doctor viewed the photos taken by the student and nurse up to 48 hours after the incident, and stated that the injuries were consistent with child abuse.

On Aug. 15, Overton ISD posted a comment on Facebook in response to "the number of comments and ongoing social media posts regarding student discipline." This post corroborates the statements made in the affidavit, saying the student and parent both consented to the punishment, but that the student considered quitting the punishment midway through.

Beating children with weapons is legal in Texas; a threat he used to get her to submit to the assault seems to be a factor in making a crime of it.

She did not want to continue with the paddling, the document said, but after Hogg told her "it would be a shame to have got to ISS when she only had one lick left," and her mother encouraged her to finish, she agreed to the final strike.

The euphemizing of violence as discipline sublimates the grim reality of what they're doing to children. The whole "groomer" nonsense about gays and trans people is projection from the same people who generated these maps ⬇