Time lapse of an "ink cap" mushroom dripping black liquid

Here's a time-lapse of an "ink cap" mushroom. The Coprinus Comatus, aka the Shaggy Mane, is a shroom that naturally produces a black liquid as it digests its own cells.

These mushrooms can be eaten when young and freshly picked. Just hours after being picked, though, the Shaggy Mane will begin the process of turning its cells into black liquid.

I love the contrast between the mushroom's white cap and the black liquid coming out of it. I have a feeling that this mushroom listens to heavy metal in its spare time.

From Instagram:

"This incredible timelapse by @luke.alexander.visuals is sure to make you wonder: what's going on?!

That's not a trick of photography! What you're seeing is Coprinus comatus, the shaggy mane. This edible mushroom is one of the many "ink caps" in the world. At maturity, they begin a process of digesting their own cells. It is called "self deliquescence" and results in this drippy affair.

Why? Our best answer is success and evolution! By turning to liquid, the spores can be washed away and into the environment where they may grow into more mycelium and mushrooms."