Journalist names her baby "Methamphetamine Rules" as a "test"

When Kirsten Drysdale, a reporter at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, had her third baby in July, she gave the little girl a lovely name: Methamphetamine Rules. Why? It was a test of naming regulations in Australia.

"We thought we would submit the most outrageous name we could think of, assuming it would be rejected," Drysdale says.

According to a statement from the New South Wales Births, Deaths and Marriages administration, the name "unfortunately slipped through."

From The Guardian:

…The state government's website detailing the rules states if a name for a baby cannot be registered and parents do not provide an alternative, the registrar may assign a name.

Under the rules, the registrar will not approve a name if it is offensive and not in the public interest. It also will not approve given names that are more than 50 characters, include symbols, or an official title or rank such as princess, Queen, or goddess.

As expected, Drysdale is planning to change her child's name imminently.