Leaked documents reveal Microsoft's desire to buy Nintendo

Microsoft vs. FTC is the gift that keeps on giving. Although it seems Microsoft is going to snap up Activision-Blizzard with very few issues, a recent leak of court documents is a veritable treasure trove of internal information about Xbox.

Highlights include plans for a mid-gen hardware refresh taking the form of a cylindrical Xbox, a list of upcoming Bethesda games including remasters of Fallout 3 and Oblivion, a projected 2026 release date for The Elder Scrolls VI, and, perhaps most bafflingly, a desire to buy Nintendo in its entirety coming straight from Xbox head Phil Spencer.

Spencer's declaration that the historical acquisition would be "a good move for both companies" and that Nintendo's future "exists off of their own hardware" is a strange one, given that the Nintendo Switch is and continues to be a smash hit with younger and more casual audiences. as well as the dedicated fanbase they've cultivated over decades. Still, if any megacorp can make that offer, it's Xbox parent company Microsoft- so Mario might be on Game Pass one day after all.