Someone is mysteriously dumping massive amounts of raw meat in suburban Christchurch trash cans

Over three nights this month, someone (or some thing!) has dumped nearly 1,500 pounds of raw meat into public trash bins in the western suburbs of Christchurch, New Zealand. The recent incident involved more than a dozen separate bags, er, chucked into the cans. The type of meat hasn't been identified but it's suspected to be beef and pork.

"You could see the meat literally from just looking into the bin, so any kids who went to put a wrapper in the bin would've had a nasty surprise of a meat-filled bin," Christchurch City Councillor Andrei Moore said.

According to, councillor Mark "Peters reckons someone is trying to avoid paying disposal fees, and says it could potentially be the remnants of home kill, but he wants it to stop before the hot Canterbury sun kicks in."