Book of crazy-cool caffeine cocktails

According to Discourse Coffee founder Ryan Castelaz, coffee making is now in its "fourth wave." What comes after Folgers, after Starbucks, and after current baristas? Care, exotic ingredients, and imagination applied to (mostly) non-alcoholic coffee drinks, he writes. How about a "Chant?" It's made with espresso,  Chanterelle syrup, oaked Maple Chai Oat Milk,  candied Chanterelle Powder,  applewood smoked Sea Salt, and orange. (Dang, I'm fresh out of candied Chanterelle powder!)

Those nearby Milwaukee can try them in person at Castelaz's shops. You can check out his drinks online and try your hand at making them yourself in his new book "The New Art of Coffee.", which Hannah Kirby reviewed in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

"We drink from an emotional standpoint," Castelaz said. "When we drink water, we drink 'cause we're thirsty. When we drink just about anything else, we're drinking with intention. There's a reason why we've chosen what we've chosen. A lot of times, those reasons are underlying subconscious emotional responses that motivate our drink of choice."

Tapping into that, the recipes in the book are organized by these moods: Comforting, celebratory, rejuvenating and adventurous. Toward the beginning of Part Three, there's a page dedicated to each mood with a chart, which orders the drinks according to their build complexity and prep time.