Ohio high school football coach repeatedly called for a play named "Nazi" at game against mostly Jewish team

On Friday night in Cleveland, Ohio, the Brooklyn High School football team was playing against visitors Beachwood High School, a school in a mostly-Jewish suburb. During the game, in what must have been a total coincidence, Brooklyn High coach, Tim McFarland was heard repeatedly calling for a play named "Nazi." McFarland has resigned and according to the Brooklyn City Schools superintendent, he's sorry.

From the New York Times:

After Beachwood High School officials, including the athletic director and the head coach, learned what was happening on the field late in the first half of the game, they notified game officials, Mr. Hardis said.

Mr. McFarland acknowledged that his team had been using the word "Nazi" as a play call, apologized and said his team would use another word for its play call in the second half of the game, Mr. Hardis said.

"We informed the officials that should this continue, we would pull our players from the field," Mr. Hardis said. "To our knowledge, 'Nazi' was not used during the second half. Late in the game, it was also reported by our team that several Brooklyn players used a racial slur freely throughout the night." He did not specify what the slur was.

(Thanks, Gil Kaufman!)