Outsmart your floors with a robot vacuum

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The good thing about buying this robot vacuum:

It's pretty simple actually. The good thing about buying this 360 Smart Life S10 Robot Vacuum Cleaner + Mop with Smart Connect Wi-Fi & Lidar is… well… it cleans your house. Smartly.

Seriously, this thing uses something called "dTof trinocular LiDAR navigation" to pick up on obstacles and avoid entanglement so it can efficiently robot its way around, applying its powerful suction to floors of all kinds. It even mops!

The even better thing about buying this robot vacuum:

It helps you keep your house cleaner!

Okay, maybe this won't make sense for everyone, but we're willing to bet it'll click for some of you out there. Cleaning induces a certain amount of anxiety. Anxiety causes panic. Panic brings about a sort of scatterbrained paralysis. You know you need to clean but you don't know where to start. This paralysis only delays the cleaning from happening, which increases the anxiety, which causes even more panic and more paralysis. It's a cycle, is what we're saying.

By having a robot vacuum cleaner, you know that some cleaning is taken care of, which thus shaves a few things off your to-do list, making it more manageable and less anxiety-inducing. That means less panic, which means less paralysis, which means you actually do more in less time than you would if you had more to do.

We're not crazy here, right? This makes sense to some of you? Good.

The bad thing about buying this robot vacuum:

Unfortunately, cleaning only begets more cleaning.

As established, the vacuum cleaner will clean your floors. You then will have the mental capacity to tackle other cleaning tasks, leaving your house so spotless that you'll start seeing things that would otherwise seem invisible. Like, why are there so many smudges on your phone? And was someone learning to finger-paint on the edges of your laptop screen? And, seriously, did you, like, run a blender without the lid on next to your TV?

In a cluttered, dirty house, these things register as nothing. But in a clean house, you notice what's not clean. Luckily, our friends over at SideDeal are offering some screen cleaner and microfiber cloths today. And by friends, we mean Meh. They are our friends. They run SideDeal too.

The conclusion:

Get a robot vacuum on Meh.