Alabama to spend more than $1bn on world's most expensive prison

We often hear politicians and pundits ask "where does the money come from?," but the rhetorical question—the answer is "taxpayers"—is muted when the topic turns to policing. America's expansive prison system is getting a super-size upgrade in Alabama, where more than $1bn is being spent to built one of the world's largest.

The Finance Authority in March increased the authorized spending on the first prison from about $623 million to $975 million. The latest action approved spending of a little more than $1 billion, which state officials said is the final price for the project.

Rep. Rex Reynolds, chairman of the House General Fund budget committee, said the price of labor, concrete and other materials have risen since lawmakers approved the project.

"That's just something we can't control … But we've got to move forward with doing this job," Reynolds said.

If you live in Alabama, already one of the poorest states in the Union, you are definitely on the hook for this deranged law enforcement Disneyland.

Asked if the lawmakers would pursue borrowing additional money for the construction of the second prison, Reynolds said it is too early to know.

A $200k-per-bed prison for Alabama, where churches get fawned over for paying off children's "lunch debt" to their schools.