Maybe put off going to another continent for vacation—it may be coming to you

Scientists believe that in 250 million years, all continents of the Earth will be bunched together in one supercontinent, Pangaea Ultima. Link to the article in Nature here.

The good news is that intercontinental trip you've been planning will be much easier. The bad news is that increased volcanism will greatly increase carbon dioxide levels, making the planet almost completely uninhabitable by mammal life. According the study, the average surface-air temperatures on almost all of Pangaea Ultima will be 48°C, or 118°F.

I'm guessing Republicans will still say there's no climate change.

(Actually, the effects in this study have nothing to do with current climate change and carbon emissions. This is a very far long-term effect)

Regions in the middle of the supercontinent, far from the oceans, would turn into deserts that are unliveable "expect for very specialized mammals", says [Alexander Farnsworth at the University of Bristol, UK]. The lack of moisture would also diminish the amount of silica that is washed into the oceans, which usually removes CO2 from the atmosphere.

Increased solar radiation will cause further heating. The Sun is predicted to be 2.5% more luminous at the time of Pangaea Ultima's formation, a result of the star having burnt more of its hydrogen fuel and shrunk its core, increasing its rate of nuclear fusion.

This would lead to a mass extinction, says Farnsworth. "It wouldn't just be for mammals. It could be for plant life, as well, and other types of life. What comes out of it is anyone's [guess]. In other mass extinctions a new species tends to dominate."