Man gives "Moms for Liberty" a taste of their own medicine by reading from Bible at a school board meeting

Actor and comedian Walter Masterson gave Bucks County "Moms for Liberty" a taste of their own medicine at a Central Bucks School District meeting. Known for showing up at school board meetings and berating them with their book ban garbage, at one meeting Masterson shoveled them a truckload of their own bullshit.

Moms for Liberty are loudly winning positions on school boards, disrupting libraries, and banning books. Parents in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, where this event took place, have had enough.

Keystone News:

Kate Nazemi and Jane Cramer, parents who live in the Central Bucks and Pennridge school districts, joined other concerned citizens and activists at a banned book giveaway outside the Moms for Liberty Conference.   

"In our school district, we're really seeing several different outside influencers impacting education policy for our kids, and we're seeing teachers, many parents and students' needs and wants being pushed aside in favor of partisan policies that don't reflect the local needs of the community." said Nazemi.

"We see that with Moms for Liberty," she added. "We know they are leading the movement in book bans. Many of the books that are challenged right now in our district – there are 60 plus – the excerpts for those challenges come from the Book Looks website, which is originally a Moms for Liberty site that encourages folks to challenge books."  

Over the past year, the Central Bucks School District and, for a longer time, Pennridge School District have experienced the effects of extremists sitting on their school boards. 

Keystone News