Kansas teacher fired for joking (?) about farting on students now having success as a comedian

Stephen Taylor was fired from his teaching job at Olathe, Kansas's Mill Creek Campus alternative school after school board members learned of his comedy videos on TikTok in which he joked (?) about farting on students.

"I crop dust them all the time," Taylor said in one video. "I save up big milky lactose intolerant farts. And I drop bombs silently because I'm an adult and I know my body. And then I just let it stew." He also said, "I tell my students the wrong thing all the time when they annoy me. I tell them Abraham Lincoln invented the car, that's why it's named after him." Taylor insists he was just kidding. Now, he has 30 stand-up comedy gigs scheduled on his "Teacher Shortage Tour."

From the New York Post:

He said he was told take the videos down and review the district's social media policy, which requires staff on social media to maintain "the same level of personal responsibility, discretion and professionalism expected in any other form of communication," according to WDAF Fox 4.

The policy proclaims that staff members should not post anything online that they would not say at a public meeting or to a member of the media, but Taylor believes his comedy should not be an issue.

"They don't understand it. The social media policies are designed for Myspace. They are years behind where we are currently at in the world, which is TikTok … everyone is on it," Taylor said.

Taylor was given a choice — remove the videos from his account or resign, which reportedly led to his firing.