Watch 68-year-old AC/DC's Angus Young skip, leap and shred guitar on stage like a schoolboy

Angus Young's surname is appropriate, as you can see in this video clip in which the 68-year-old AC/DC guitarist leaps and skips about on stage at the Power Trip Festival 2023.

Wearing his trademark schoolboy outfit, Young's guitar skills are as sharp as ever. In another video taken during the same performance, Young flops on the floor and enthusiastically wriggles around while playing his solo, around 3 minutes and 27 seconds into the video.

Curious about why Young wears schoolboy clothes, I learned it was his sister's idea. She thought he looked cute coming home from school and playing guitar in his school uniform, and suggested he wear one as an adult performer. It's a great look!

Angus Young(68) power trip festival 2023
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