Whole Whole Earth Catalog online

"Nearly" complete copies of early editions of the Whole Earth Catalog (previously at Boing Boing) and related publications are now online, reports Boone Ashworth. They're at wholeearth.info.

A nearly complete digital library of Whole Earth publications—including the famed Whole Earth Catalog founded 55 years ago by counterculture icon Stewart Brand—has been made available online for the first time. A curious reader can now flip through all the old catalogs, magazines, and journals right in their web browser, or download entire issues to their computer free of charge. The Whole Earth Catalog was the proto-blog—a collection of reviews, how-to guides, and primers on anarchic libertarianism printed onto densely packed pages. It carried the tagline "Access to Tools" and offered know-how, product reviews, cultural analysis, and gobs of snark, long before you could get all that on the internet.

From the site:

The Whole Earth Catalog was an American counterculture magazine and product catalog published by Stewart Brand several times a year between 1968 and 1972, and occasionally thereafter, until 1998. The magazine featured essays and articles, but was primarily focused on product reviews. The editorial focus was on self-sufficiency, ecology, alternative education, "do it yourself," and holism, featuring the slogan "access to tools."