Scores of UFO reports flooding the US Pentagon

Dozens of UFO reports are streaming in to the US Pentagon each month, says Sean Kirkpatrick who heads the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office. That number is expected to rapidly increase once the Pentagon opens its government employee and public portals for submissions of new reports in the coming months. According to Kirkpatrick, most of the reports turn out to be balloons or drones but… not all.

"There are some indicators that are concerning that may be attributed to foreign activity, and we are investigating those very hard," he says.

From CNN:

A portion of the increase in reports comes from the Federal Aviation Administration, which monitors airspace around US airports starting to provide information to the Pentagon.

About half of the reports contain enough data that they can be ruled out as "mundane things," such as errant balloons or floating trash, Kirkpatrick said, but 2-4% are truly anomalous and require further investigation[…]

It is the opening of the public portal, still several months away, that Kirkpatrick says could flood the system with "hundreds, if not thousands" of new reports to sort through. Even so, Kirkpatrick has a plan for his office, which involves a system that will automatically match known objects to public reports, allowing the government to dismiss sightings of identified bodies […]

…In an acknowledgment of the interest and the mystery of the subject matter, he added, "I think the government as a whole – that includes Congress – should have probably addressed some of this years ago in a more directed fashion."