Company that tried to pay settlement with 3 tons of coins ordered to cut a check instead—and to pay $8k more for the coins nonsense

Paying a bill with a deluge of small coins is a classic fantasy of malicious compliance. It's also a sign that someone isn't as clever as they think they are, such as whoever at JMF Enterprises, a welding company in Colorado, thought it clever to pay off a $23,500 settlement to a subcontractor in such fashion. A judge ordered them to cut a check instead, and to pay another $8,092 for fucking around.

Lawyers for JMF said the settlement agreement did not specify how the money was to be paid and said it had no intention of harassing Fired Up Fabrications, noting that both parties were "very close friends" before the lawsuit.

"The form of the settlement in this case is a reference to their shared career field and is intended to satisfy the settlement, albeit in an uncommon form," they said in a September court filing.

Findley said photographic evidence showed JMF apparently took the extra step of taking coins separated in boxes by denomination and then "dumping them loosely and randomly" into the container.

Now it's on JMF Enterprises to give them one of those gigantic charity event checks.