First look at Metal Gear Solid 3 remake shown off

Hot on the heels of the recent Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection remaster compilation, Konami has shown off a brief look at its upcoming total remake of the iconic Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater's Cold War spy drama, still considered one of the best and most influential video games in the history of the art form. With the auteur behind Metal Gear Solid, legendary game director Hideo Kojima, no longer at the helm – or even the company – many are concerned that the remake will fail to live up to the original, but if nothing else, this first look shows that they're dedicated to recreating at least the look of the game.

The feel, however, is another thing entirely. It looks more like an Unreal Engine demo than an attempt to faithfully replicate Metal Gear Solid 3's original art direction, resulting in a crisp, slightly-too-clean look that – while certainly visually impressive – doesn't quite possess the same sense of place.

We'll see how it all shakes out when the remake launches at some unannounced point in the near future.