Nobody lives in these three US towns

If you move to Hoot Owl, Oklahoma, you will be the town's only resident. According to the US Census Bureau, there are also two other towns in the United States with a population of zero since 2010: South Park View, Kentucky and Mustang, Texas. (The latter was purchased by Mark Cuban back in 2021.)

From HireAHelper:

While Hoot Owl, OK and Mustang, TX were incorporated with a very specific purpose (to prevent trespassing and to sell alcohol, respectively), South Park View, KY actually began as a "proper" town in 1961.

After reaching a population of 196 in 2000, the town's growth was hampered by the expansion of the Louisville International Airport, leading to serious noise pollution in the area. This development led most residents to relocate, leading the town to become virtually empty.

However, if you'd like a few neighbors—very few—you could move to Le Roy, Iowa; Clayton, Idaho; Lotsee, Oklahoma; or any of the other towns where the population is below 10.

(via DIGG)