Fascinating Puzzle-Sculpture of Czech Republic leader Václav Havel

Czech artist Patrik Proško has created an amazing exhibit in honor the late Czech president Václav Havel at the Prague airport (which is named after Havel).

Havel was president of Czechoslavakia from 1989-1992, and then president of the Czech Republic from 1993-2003, after the country split in two. He was a playwright and writer who was a political dissident under Communist Czechoslovakia, spending much time as a political prisoner, and then played a major role in the Velvet Revolution that toppled the Communist system in 1989.

Proško created the piece from about 3,000 original items from Havel's life. Link to a piece about the sculpture in expats.cz here.

The installation incorporates typewriters, books, stationery, dial telephones, beer kegs, coasters, vinyl records, recording equipment, keys symbolizing the Velvet Revolution, and – of course – the Czech flag.

Watch the video revealing the work's amazing complexity.

More information from the artist:

And a look at the piece while being assembled: