Ladder, a self-hosted alternative to paywall-hopping sites

Paywall-hopping services such as 12 Foot Ladder, recently shut down by its web host, exploit intentional gaps in the walls: they're designed to be present when looked at by humans, but to reveal the article to search engines and other news-aggregating bots. As paywalls become more sophisticated—and the paywall-hopping services more popular and obvious—another arms race is on. Enter Ladder, a self-hosted version similar to,, 13ft and so on that's less likely to be denied access.

Certain sites may display missing images or encounter formatting issues. This can be attributed to the site's reliance on JavaScript or CSS for image and resource loading, which presents a limitation when accessed through this proxy. If you prefer a full experience, please concider buying a subscription for the site.

Some sites do not expose their content to search engines, which means that the proxy cannot access the content. A future version will try to fetch the content from Google Cache.

If publishers don't like it, they can stop revealing the full text to bots or other unauthorized user agents, etc.