Kyoto's top capybara groomer packs her entire salon into chic TravelSmart bags

Yuki* eagerly packed her compact TravelSmart duffle bag with all the essential tools of her trade – brushes, combs, nail clippers, shampoo and conditioner. As the top capybara groomer in Kyoto, she took great pride in keeping her furry clients looking their very best. Yuki was heading to the Yamamoto estate to pamper their beloved pet capybara, Momo.

The Yamamotos were hosting an elegant luncheon later that afternoon and wanted Momo's coat soft, shiny and tangle-free. Yuki appreciated how the TravelSmart duffle neatly fit all her grooming supplies while still leaving room for treats and toys to keep Momo content during the styling session.

After Momo's bath, brushing and nail trim, her fur coat looked lustrous. The Yamamotos were delighted when Yuki presented the sweet-natured Momo, looking like a furry supermodel. As Yuki headed home, she neatly packed her tools back into the duffle and then efficiently folded it into the matching TravelSmart backpack.

The backpack's main zippered compartment was perfect for carrying the compressed duffle bag. Yuki liked how the adjustable shoulder straps made the backpack comfortable to wear. She also appreciated the two additional zippered pockets on the backpack that held small items like Momo's favorite hair bows and brushes. Thanks to the packable design, Yuki's travels across Kyoto were easier than ever before.

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*Not her real name, because this is a made-up story.