The Holbein Horse is a sculpture that constantly gets re-painted by different artists

The Holbein Horse is a sculpture that constantly gets repainted by different artists. It was created by Werner Gürtner in 1936 and is made of concrete. It's also as big as a real horse.

The sculpture is known for its popularity amongst graffiti artists, who constantly redecorate it. It's so much fun to see the horse in all its forms, used as a canvas for political messages, advertisements, and self expression.

From Atlas Obscura:

"Starting out as being defaced to resemble a zebra, its other incarnations include unofficial advertisement carrier for Uhu cement and Milka chocolade, visual declarations of love, support for political candidates, and colors representing sports teams. The repainting of the horse has become a welcome and encouraged activity – done in the dead of night in the past, the statue is often given its new look in broad daylight, and is featured in its many different looks in TV ads and on postcards."