Why diamonds suck

The Diamonds Suck website is the perfect antitode to the news that the Diamond industry has successfully halted the plunge in the fundamentally worthless stones' retail price.

This site is about two very simple truths: (1) diamonds are an incredible rip-off, and (2) a little known naturally-occuring gemstone called moissanite is superior to diamonds in every essential way: cut, color, clarity, durability, fire, brilliance, and cost.

I (obviously) don't work in the diamond industry. I don't work for anyone who sells moissanite. The intent of this website is to raise awareness among big-ticket jewelry purchasers (primarily couples buying engagement rings) about moissanite and its many benefits vs. diamond.

If I can prevent a single reader from needlessly dropping $6,000-10,000+ on a diamond engagement ring, this site will be a success. Financial worries are the #1 cause of stress in a married relationship – there is absolutely NO excuse to start your married life by taking on that level of debt.

"Worthless" isn't just an empty perjorative, at least when it comes to anything unremarkable. Anyone who ever tried to sell a diamond will know that the prices paid for them in jewellers' stores are vastly inflated. If you paid a dollar for a silver band worth twenty cents by weight, you'd know you've been ripped off. Yet this is exactly how the diamond business works.