Cuomo's remarks send Ramaswamy into a bizarre spiraling tirade

Former CNN news personality Chris Cuomo, now on NewsNation, interviewed Vivek Ramaswamy, noted mainly for his sleazy business practices and habit of angrily talking over people as if he is too smart to put up with the slow and stupid words coming out of their mouths.

But I've never seen Ramaswamy so triggered as he was when Cuomo told him that Nikki Haley outshone him in a debate—a statement backed by polling digits (Haley at 9%, Ramaswamy at 4.7%). This unleashed a torrent of Ramaswamy's grievances about the mainstream media, Russiagate, the origin of COVID-19, Hunter Biden's laptop, and other topics having nothing to do with his debate performance.

"You can talk a lot but not say anything that's worthwhile," Cuomo remarked, which re-triggered Ramaswamy into a fresh rant. This time, his target was Boeing, which he bizarrely labeled as a "wholly owned subsidiary of the Democratic Party."

His unbridled lack of self-control is an astounding spectacle.