Watch a Tesla burn as it sinks into the ocean (video)

A couple in Hollywood, Florida were excited to play with their jet ski last month but it didn't quite go as planned. According to reports, the woman backed Tesla down the boat ramp so the man could unload it but then the Tesla warned the driver to exit the vehicle immediately. Apparently, the electronic door locks also malfunctioned but fortunately the man helped her get out of the car. Once the car began to sink, its batteries caught fire.

According to the Hollywood Professional Firefighters, who posted another video of the incident (below), "the fire was allowed to burn underwater until it extinguished itself. And even then, it had to be loaded carefully onto a special carrier, and followed by the Fire Engine to the impound lot, where they'll keep the vehicle isolated for a few days in the very real possibility of re-ignition."

"The Hollywood Professional Firefighters Facebook page reported that the SUV 'lost traction and slid into the inter-coastal,' though it remains unclear if this was the cause of the malfunction," states WDBO news.

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