Share a queen bed for rent in Toronto for $950

"Looking for an easy going FEMALE to share the master bedroom and the ONE QUEEN SIZE BED…  I have been previously sharing the bedroom which ONLY HAS ONE QUEEN SIZE with roommate I found on Facebook."

This was reportedly a real listing on Facebook Marketplace in Toronto, Canada. The listing has since been removed but the monthly rent was apparently $950.

"I think it shows really how sad it is here. I mean people are – rightfully so – so committed to staying in the city that there is a market for stuff like this," Toronto realtor Anya Ettinger said. "Truthfully, you know, with the other videos I posted too of absurd rentals, people just saying, 'Well, just don't rent it.' But not many people have a choice."

From CTV News:

Cassandra Fafalios, an associate lawyer and litigator at Mills & Mills, said most people would be appalled by seeing this sort of listing, but she pointed out that the legality of whether this is allowed is a "very sticky situation" that greatly depends on the circumstances – especially if it is a landlord renting it out versus another tenant.

"Legally speaking, the Residential Tenancies Act really only applies to landlords and tenants, right? If this is a person that's coming in, and one of the circumstances being that, very generally speaking, that they're just there with an arrangement with a tenant, for example, there's no sort of recourse for them with the Landlord and Tenant Board because they're not technically a tenant with the landlord," Fafalios said.

There are no definitions of occupant or roommate in the Residential Tenancies Act, the LTB noted online.