Smart mattress company puts user data to good use: online tittle-tattle

Big mattress is watching you sleep. Here's Eight Sleep's boss putting users' sleep data to good use: weighing in on Silicon Valley drama.

Regardless of the context for this tweet, users of The Pod mattress might be at least a little perturbed to discover that their mattress is tattling on them. Like "smart" products in general, the user data being collected is resold, one way or another. In this case, Eight Sleep CEO Matteo Franceshetti is using the data to prove points on X, formerly Twitter. It's hardly a noble use of user data, deidentified or not.

"At Eight Sleep we pledge to respect your privacy and to keep your data safe. We only collect data that helps us improve our products and services."

Hopefully this incident improves their product by reminding users to opt out of Eight Sleep's analytics.