This "giant-step" Cupid Shuffle is one of the funniest things I've seen lately

This is one of the funniest things I've ever seen. The bit is super simple: A man doing the Cupid Shuffle at a wedding reception performs the dance totally normally, except that during the 'to the right' and 'to the left' parts of the song, he takes huge steps and ends up covering almost the entire dancefloor. The way the dancing man keeps a straight face throughout the absurd dance is absolutely hilarious. I've watched it a few times on loop, and can't stopped laughing!

The original TikTok, posted by AJ Ver (who is also the dancing star) states, "I got places to be." Apparently he does! Enjoy!

Fontana, California-based Alexander "AJ" Ver is a dialect coach for actors and voice actors, and a voice over artist. His LinkedIn bio explains: 

Though his work has taken him to multiple locations in the greater Los Angeles area, AJ also loves recording in his home studio. He has trained with other well respected voice over artists who have decades of experience, and now, AJ offers fresh energy and a dynamic skill set to this thriving industry.


I got places to be 🏃🏻 💨 #fyp

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