Take a trip to the biggest swing set in the USA

At the FDR park in Philadelphia, you'll find the biggest swing set in the USA. This isn't your typical playground swingset. Besides its large size (a circumference as big as two football fields!), it also features a variety of swing styles that aren't as common as the standard playground swing.

The circular swing set features swings for all ages and body types. Swing on a classic swing, a circular webbed swing, a two person swing, and more. This looks like so much fun!

From Youtube:

"Philadelphia is now home to North America's largest swing set. The Anna C. Verna playground at FDR Park opened on October 21. The two-acre space is state-of-the-art with climbing structures, treehouses, slides and adventure paths. The centerpiece is the circular swing set that is the size of the infield at Citizen's Bank Park. There are five different kinds of swings for kids of all ages."