New media euphemism for "Israeli soldier" drops

The IDF admitted to CNN that "Israeli soldiers had been involved in a confrontation with a mentally disabled man near Hebron on Tuesday and said its Military Police were investigating the encounter," after said mentally disabled man was filmed being shot by one of them, but that didn't stop CNN describing them in that story's headline as men "in military fatigues". Wouldn't want to go out on a limb.

"Based on the initial information available, it appears that during a check that was conducted earlier today near the city of Hebron, a Palestinian was shot in the leg and was evacuated to receive medical treatment," the IDF said in a statement.

CNN geolocated the incident to near the town of Sidet Qalqas, south of Hebron.

The video, which is filmed down a street from the incident, appears to show the moments after Tarek said he did not have identification. It shows three men in military fatigues standing over a man who is on his hands and knees, and next to a man in a red shirt, identified by Diaa as Tarek's friend.

A useful question for a lot of things: "what is the bad thing that happens if…?". In this example "what is the bad thing that happens if CNN plainly reports 'Video shows Israeli soldier shooting mentally disabled Palestinian in West Bank' or 'IDF admits soldiers shot mentally disabled man' or anything like that?" Approach it with as open and unbiased mind as you can, irrespective of your priors. Exploring the answers is enlightening and demoralizing.