Kate Cox flees anti-freedom Texas to get abortion she desperately needs

Kate Cox, the 31-year-old Texas woman who was granted permission by a court to end her nonviable pregnancy — only to have Attorney General Ken Paxton swagger in to block the order — is now fleeing the state to get an abortion.

Cox, who is around 20 weeks pregnant, found out at the end of November that her fetus has Edwards Syndrome (trisomy 18), a serious genetic condition that nearly always ends in death before or shortly after birth — and the few who do survive will have a short life full of severe challenges. The condition has also put her own health in jeopardy, sending her to the emergency room four times so far during her pregnancy, according to MTN.

But in the anti-freedoms state of Texas, where Big Brother is alive and well, the government has banned her from receiving medical care that would terminate the hopeless pregnancy and protect her own health. "This past week of legal limbo has been hellish for Kate," said Nancy Northup of the Center of Reproductive Rights. "Her health is on the line….she couldn't wait any longer."

The CRP then announced on X that Cox had left Texas so that she could receive the care she needs: "After a week of legal whiplash and threats of prosecution from Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, our client Kate Cox has been forced to flee her home state of Texas to get the time-sensitive abortion care needed to protect her health and future fertility." (See post below.)

From MTN:

Almost immediately after Cox won a judicial restraining order to receive the needed procedure, Texas appealed the decision to the State Supreme Court who halted the judge's ruling. Disgraced Texas A.G. Ken Paxton threatened any doctor who performed the abortion with felony charges, even though an abortion was necessary to save Cox's fertility or even her life. 

Nancy Northup, President of the Center for Reproductive Rights said, "This past week of legal limbo has been hellish for Kate. Her health is on the line. She's been in and out of the emergency room and she couldn't wait any longer. This is why judges and politicians should not be making healthcare decisions for pregnant people." 

"This is the result of the Supreme Court's reversal of Roe v. Wade," Northup continued. "Women are forced to beg for urgent healthcare in court. Kate's case has shown the world that abortion bans are dangerous for pregnant people, and exceptions don't work."

This is a consequence of a cruel Republican policy that is now forcing women to seek legal approval for their own healthcare. This is not pro-life.