FCC votes to ban termination fees for quitting cable and satellite services

The Federal Communications Commission voted yesterday to ban early termination fees, charged by cable and satellite companies to prevent customers from quitting: "Consumers are tired of these junk fees," FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel said. Providers must also provide prorated refunds for services not used after cancellation.

"They now have more choices when it comes to video content but these friction-filled tactics to keep us subscribing to our current providers are aggravating and unfair," said Rosenworcel. "So, today we kick out a rulemaking to put an end to these practices."

According to the transcript of the meeting, the two Republicans voted against the ban, which was passed by three Democrats. I understand the tendency toward partisan splits but voting to allow junk fees like this is funny. There's no reason whatsoever to do it unless you work for the regulated industry, directly or otherwise.