If you have testes, should you ejaculate more often to stay healthier? Yes, you certainly should.

If you have two functioning testes, by the time you finish reading this sentence, you'll have produced around 50,000 sperm cells. That's around 300 million per day. So if you don't ejaculate frequently, where do they all go? And is it healthier to regularly release them into the world?

In the below video from the Institute of Human Anatomy, "lead dissector" Jonathan Bennion "discusses sperm production, storage, as well as a common question he gets from students: What happens to sperm cells if they are not not released? He also explores whether frequent release holds any health benefits, and discusses if there is a connection between consistent ejaculation and risk of prostate cancer."

TLDW: One study showed that high frequency of ejaculation (21+ times/month) correlated with a 20% reduction in prostate cancer risk compared to lower frequency of ejaculation (4-7 times/month).

But come on, you know you want to watch: