Film director David Cronenberg complains about being grossed out by David Cronenberg films (video)

In this 1999 TV commercial, the great body horror/psychosexual film director David Cronenberg calls in a complaint to a TV station about how he's grossed out by his own films.

"One had perverted twin doctors, another had talking bugs, and the films are uncut, with disturbing orifices, and bizarre bodily fluids," he says. "I have a very very weak stomach for this sort of thing."

The ad was a promotion for a Cronenberg film festival on the Canadian TV channel Showcase. I especially appreciated this because back in 1997 I had a great time interviewing Cronenberg for the bOING bOING print 'zine and all we talked about were the squishy, oozy, bodily sounds he likes to use in his movies.