Severed limbs with sneakers found at Thai recycling plant in container shipped from the US

Employees at a recycling plant just south of Bankgok, Thailand were sorting cardboard boxes in a container shipped from the United States when they made a gruesome discovery. Inside the flattened cardboard were severed legs with the feet still in socks and sneakers.

"It is possible the person was the victim of a murder," said police Lieutenant Colonel Dechanut Thayasirichuti. "It did not happen in our country though."

From The Sun:

Police were scrambled to the area and, upon searching the container, they found a second limb that stretched up to the pelvis, compressed in a cardboard box and also wearing a matching black sock[…]

[Thayasirichuti] added: "'The body had already decomposed, so we believe it had been in the container for a long time before it arrived in Thailand.

"We suspect that the person was a foreigner and the remains travelled here.

"The shipping company will co-ordinate with foreign police."